News, Current Events and Stuff That We Do Every Week
Check out this section if you want to find out what's going on at The Highlander. We have special events on certain days of the week as well as bands that play when we get the urge to hear live music instead of "Send In the Clowns" on the internet jukebox. (Who the hell likes Judy Collins so much anyway? - it's not like she's Neil Diamond...)

Weekly Specials and Events

  • Sundays
    Come play trivia on Sunday nights and walk away with valuable prizes and elevated self-esteem! (Please note that The Highlander reserves the right to define "valuable"). Trivia starts at 8:00 pm.
  • Mondays
    • D.R.U.N.K. Bar Bingo starts at approximately 9:30 pm - later if the host hasn't had his fill of MGD and Strega...
    • Also on tap - $2 PBR tall boys all day! (well, not on tap really - but you get the idea...)
    • Monday nights also means our international small plates special - check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds each week to see which country's food is featured.
  • Tuesdays
    Tuesday means crab legs - all you can eat (until they run out) for $34.95 PER PERSON! (11 AM - 9 PM) PLEASE NOTE - Supplies are limited, once we run out, then we're out for the day. Even if we don't run out, we still stop serving crab legs at 9pm sharp.
  • Wednesdays
    Humpday means it's time for our Devil's In The Kitchen special - ALL Highlander Burgers are $7.77!
  • Thursdays
    $5 PBR Pitchers and $2.95 Tacos:
     - Pulled smoked pork w/tomatillo slaw
     - Sesame orange chicken w/rice wine slaw
     - Blackened tilapia w/coconut slaw
May 2015
  • 5/2 (Sat): April has come and gone, and now it's time for some May partying! Grab your tax refund and head to the Ho for some free entertainment! Tonight's extravaganza features sets from Uberstout, Prime Mover, and Double Barrel Democracy.
April 2015
  • 4/17 (Fri): Hey it's Friday! Time to enjoy some FREE music at The Highlander! Head over to our back bar and enjoy music from Dopegoat, Exstellarator, and The Universe Divide starting around 10pm (21 and up please). What else are you gonna do - sit home and knit? Get down here!
  • 4/10 (Fri): Spring fever got you agitated? Hayfever laying you low? Come down to The Highlander and enjoy our new Acme Pollen Filtration System™*, the best available! While you're here, enjoy music sets from Nubatomic, Halfgod, and Sound Detour - doors at 9, music at 10, fun all the time! ($5 suggested donation - musicians gotta eat...)
    *no such thing
  • 4/4 (Sat): The Highlander is 23! Who would have thought 23 years ago that we'd still be running strong with all of the changes that have happened here in Midtown! To celebrate, come down and join us for festivities all day - starting at 3pm, get yourself a plate of Ice's BBQ for only $5 while it lasts! (Dine in only please) Then once the sun goes down we'll be jamming to the tunes of Death of Kings, Edgewood, and Bitch! Shows start around 10pm and lasts until our 24th Anniversary (or 2:30 am, whichever comes first). Get your butt down here and help us start out our 24th year with a bang!
March 2015
  • 3/28 (Sat): Sick of basketball? Ready to rebound a full can of PBR through the skull of the next Kentucky fan you see? We have the cure! Get yourself to our back bar for FREE shows this evening from Zack Fowler, Todd Allen, and Katie Martin. Guaranteed roundball free and full of great music. Shows start around 9pm and as always 21 and up please!
  • 3/7 (Sat): Spring is almost here - time for an end of Winter blowout! How about three free shows at The Highlander? We've got Night Terrors, Squadron, and Moreland Wrecks rocking the house starting around 9pm. Come on down and celebrate with us! (As usual, 21 and up please)
February 2015
  • 2/21 (Sat): Feet still hurt from all the dancing last night? Too bad, man up and come hang out again while we revert back to the rock! We've got three FREE shows this evening from The Fire Tonight, Plague of Pilgrims, and Air Wolves. All three will be jamming in our back bar starting around 9pm. Don't forget your ear plugs and get here early!
  • 2/20 (Fri): It's Friday and tonight we've decided to change things up a bit - we're having a dance party! We've got reggae, punk, ska, and glam along with special guest DJ's to party the night away. Put your shiny shirts on and come hang with while we get our groove on!
  • 2/07 (Sat): We've got it going on again tonight - FREE bands at our back bar! This evening we have John Denver Death Plane, Degradations, and Dropout. The back bar opens around 7pm and shows start around 9pm, so drive on down and hang with us!
January 2015
  • 1/31 (Sat): It's Saturday night, it's cold and that means a lot of hot rock at The Highlander! We've got 3 free sets tonight from Random Conflict, Forsaken Profits, and Cadillac Junkies - all starting around 9pm. Come on out and get yourself settled in early for a long night of winter partying! (21 and up please)
  • 1/30 (Fri): Dirty South Booking presents a great night of rock at The Highlander! Bands include The Casket Creatures, Antagonizers ATL, Black Cat Attack, and The Independents. That's four (4!) great bands for the low cover charge of $7 - get yourself here early and get ready to party with Atlanta's best!
  • 1/24 (Sat): It's an all out rock fest tonight at The Highlander! With sets from Scarlet Mistress, Jack Wagon, and Blow Down we're going to raise the roof and take over the entire complex with our mighty show of loud music! Get your butt down here and get ready to party - Apres Diem will be begging for mercy by midnight! Shows start at about 9pm.
  • 1/17 (Sat): Nothing to do on Saturday? How about another FREE music show courtesy of The Highlander! Tonight we've got The Bone Church, O.C.O., and Icarus Agenda all playing in our back bar starting at around 8pm. Grab yourself a seat and a cider and enjoy the tunes!
November 2014
  • 11/22 (Sat): It's Thanksgiving next week, that means a whole day trapped in the same house with your relatives. Tonight's your last chance to enjoy FREE music at Atlanta's best rock and roll bar before you get stuffed like a turkey. On the menu this evening are shows from Moreland Wrecks, Spectremen, and others TBA. Get here and party before you get ground into dust by Black Friday!
  • 11/8 (Sat): Saturdays mean free rock 'n roll at The Highlander! This evening we have great sets from Six Shot Revival, The Voltage Cult, and Becoming the Design. Start out with some of our award-winning food and you can't go wrong! Doors open at 8 and shows start whenever we feel like it.
  • 11/7 (Fri): Help us gear up for cold weather with some cold beer and plenty of tunes! We've got free shows tonight from Ricer, Rememberables, and Spray Tan. Shows start around 9pm and run until whenever, grab some grub from our kitchen and get ready to rock!
  • 11/1 (Sat): Still sullied from last night's debauchery? Before you shower, head back to the Highlander for more depraved fun! We have yet another night of FREE entertainment at Atlanta's finest showcase for rock with shows from Uberstout, BB's Blowdown, Melanie Morgan, and headliners Swamp Juice! Lots of music to fit in this evening so shows start around 9pm. Get here early and don't forget to brush last night's candy out of your choppers!
October 2014
  • 10/31 (Fri): It's Halloween! Don't waste your valuable party time going to some stupid haunted house - come get your soul tainted by three free bands! In honor of the holiday we have a 7" release party from Antagonizers ATL and DDC. Plus, there's a bonus show from The Red Phantoms to get things really rolling - skip the trick or treating and treat yourself to some tasty tunes!
  • 10/29 (Wed): Holy bejeebus - four, FOUR bands on hand tonight (for FREE)!!! Presented by Dirty South Booking, we've got music from OC45, Common Tongue, Forsaken Profits, and Rotten Stitches. There's so much rock that we may have to stay open all night! If you've got nothing else to do this Wednesday (and you know that you don't), drop by and help us enjoy all of this music!
  • 10/11 (Sat): Instead of recovering at home from last night's wicked show, come out again this evening - this time for FREE music! Three sets tonight from Above Repute, Squadron, and Blue Tower. As usual doors open early and the shows start around 9:30 - see you there!
  • 10/10 (Fri): It's Friday night, time to let your hair down and get your party on. We've got a great set of bands for you this evening - rocking music from Spastic Ritual, Mangled, and Hatestomp. That's three shows for one low cover of $7 - less than the cost of one of those frilly martinis that they serve next door. See you at the show!
  • 10/4 (Sat): Free, FREE, FREE!!! That's the cost of all three shows that we have for you this evening - music from The Johnny Rebs, The Fire Tonight, and Poison Coat. Take the money that you saved on our non-existent cover charge and enjoy a cocktail while you jam out at our back bar.
September 2014
  • 9/20 (Sat): Tired of non-stop football? Have the Braves played their way out of contention? Come out to The Highlander and enjoy some FREE music along with delicious adult beverages! Tonight we're featuring shows from 3 bands: Rigorism, Seconds To Infinity, and Vehement. Music starts around 10pm so get here and claim a seat!
  • 9/6 (Sat): It's Saturday night, and you ain't got nobody - so come down to The Highlander for some free rock 'n roll! We've got sets from Overwhelmed, Dark Overlord, and Lectures On The Apocalypse to keep you entertained while you enjoy some of our award-winning chow - get here early!
August 2014
  • 8/9 (Sat): Saturday night is the time to get your rock on at The Highlander! We've got three great bands this evening to make your ears happy. Shows from Swamp Juice, BBS Blowdown, and Damned Angels are all on tap tonight. Cover is only $5 so get yourself in the mood and enjoy the show with us!
  • 8/6 (Wed): Time for some more midweek shenanigans at The Highlander! We've got FREE sets by Rotten Stitches, Forsaken Profits, Moral Decline, and Antagonizers ATL this evening. Get here early, grab some grub and celebrate Hump Day in style!
July 2014
  • 7/26 (Sat): It's metal night at The Highlander (well, when isn't it)! Get your butt down here to see the metal rage in Midtown with some blistering, face melting, horns raised, hellfire local music from the likes of Muckraker, Dark Overlord, and Sybaritic. The FREE music starts around 10:30pm - put your steel undies on and get ready to bang your head!
  • 7/19 (Sat): We have a great combo this evening - art and music! Come out for both shows and remember that all artwork is for sale - just ask a manager and we'll get you set up. As far as music is concerned, shows tonight feature music from Madre Padre, Burns Like Fire, and Wolf Face. Put your party hat on and come on down!
  • 7/16 (Wed): It's midweek music madness at The Highlander! We've got three fantastic acts on tap for you this evening: DDC, Broken Heroes, and Hub City Stompers. Shows start at 9pm and the cover is only $8 - you can't go wrong! Head on out for some hump day rock to get you through the rest of the week, and don't forget to get yourself some of our delicious grub while you're here.
  • 7/12 (Sat): Last night's bands were just a warm up for the main event in our music room - tonight's shows are even better! Starting at about 9 or 10pm we have shows from War In My Mind, Til Someone Loses An Eye, and Lost Solstice. Come hang out with us, enjoy some of our delicious fare, and party until the wee hours!
  • 7/11 (Fri): It's a double-barreled weekend of FREE music at The Highlander! We have a great show tonight with sets from Haunting, Mangled, and Coffin Dust. Shows start at about 10pm - get here early to score a seat near the Jager machine!
June 2014
  • 6/28 (Sat): Still tuckered out from last night's hootenanny? Too bad, cause we're doing it all over again this evening! FREE music from 3 more bands - Accruce Mortem, Awaken The Ancient, and Aborning are all going to shatter your eardrums at no charge. Shows start (as usual) at about 9pm so stumble back to the back bar and party with us.
  • 6/27 (Fri): Get ready for another night of mayhem at The Highlander! We're switching it up a little and having shows on Friday AND Saturday this week - doors open in the back at about 7:30pm and shows start at 9pm or so. We've got tunes from The Mids, Magoo's Heroes, and Space Coke this evening. It promises to be a rockfest so get yer ass off the sofa and get down here!
  • 6/14 (Sat): Time for another free night of music at the back bar! Tonight we have shows from Hip To Death, Crypt 24, and Air Wolves. We're open all day starting at 11am, shows start at about 9pm - get there early and have a marathon party for the ages!
May 2014
  • 5/31 (Sat): Three free shows in one month? Why the hell not! We're doing it again tonight in the back bar with sets from Sybaritic, Acruce Mortem, and Double Barrel Democracy. Get here, get your belly full of grub and get ready to lose a part of your innocence. Doors open at 7:30pm and shows start around 10. 21 and up, please - and no whiners.
  • 5/17 (Sat): In the mood for some mind altering rock? Come on out tonight for an evening of great music at The Highlander with FREE shows from Broadhead, The Voltage Cut, and Iron Whip. Doors open at around 7:30pm and shows start after a couple of cocktails and/or 10pm. As usual you must be at least 21 to attend - others will suffer permanent damage to their puny adolescent brains.
  • 5/10 (Sat): Need to unwind with some easy listening after Cinqo de Mayo? You definitely don't want to be here at The Highlander tonight - we'll be blistering your ears with free music from Gunpowder Gray, Red Rocket Deluxe, and 76LCD. Show starts at 10pm and runs until you can't take any more. As usual, 21 and up only - The Highlander is not for kiddies or amateurs.
April 2014
  • 4/26 (Sat): A free show at The Highlander (surprise)! We've got three rocking bands for you this evening - DDC, Antagonizers ATL, and The Reserves. Show kicks off at 9pm and runs until your liver explodes - get here early, get one of our new menu items and get your party on (must be 21, dammit). Limited time offer!
  • 4/11 (Fri): Friday! Something with the Squidling Brothers! And Pain Solution! And Swing Shift Side Show! Come see it!
  • 4/5 (Sat): Woo-hoo! The Highlander is 22! Can you believe that we've been around that long? Come down and help us celebrate another year of being tolerated by our neighbors! We're having a cookout outside and a free show starting at 9pm. Help us kick off our 23rd year in style! (FYI - no fedoras, take that crap over to Trader Joe's, hipster)
March 2014
  • 3/15 (Sat): Who needs March Madness? We've got the real deal tonight with FREE music to blow your ears out - it all starts around 10pm with shows from Above Repute, Squadron, and Five O'Clock Devil. NO COVER CHARGE, but only if you're 21 or over please. See you there!
February 2014
  • 2/28 (Fri): It's Friday and we've got a great treat to start off your weekend right! At 8pm we have a free show featuring the music of Goldsprints, followed at 10pm by even more free tunes from Palaces, Prime Mover, and Get Damned. That's four bands for the price of, well, none actually - what a deal!
  • 2/19 (Wed): Now that you've survived the 2 inch blizzard of Snowmageddon '14, it's time to get your rock on! We've got a special midweek EP release party for ya! Featuring the music of Hudson Falcons, DDC Atlanta, and Magoo's Heros, it's only $10 per person for all the rock you can handle. Doors open at 9pm and the show starts soon afterward. Get here and get warm with your favorite munchies and bartenders!
January 2014
  • 1/24 (Fri): This week we've decided to change it up a little and have some live music on Friday to start the weekend off right! Tonight we have a special Vagrant Justice reunion show along with a session by Red Rocket Deluxe. The curtain goes up at around 10:30pm - be sure to get here and claim a seat or you'll get left out in the cold!
  • 1/18 (Sat): The new year has begun and that means another season of great FREE music at The Highlander. Come on in and warm your feet to some toasty tunes in our back bar! We'll be featuring the music of Malefic, Lectures On The Apocalyse, and Cesspool. Back bar opens at 7:30pm and the shows start around 9 - get here, get some grub and get your face stuffed with rock!
December 2013
  • 12/12 (Thu): It's Thursday night rocking at The Highlander! We've got three hot bands on tap for you tonight: Flat Tires. Drink & Destroy Crew (DDC). Spray Tan. What more could you possibly ask for on a weeknight? Get your butt down here, have a Fireball with an ice cold beer and rock it out - doors open at 7:30pm and shows start sometime after 9. See you there!
  • 12/7 (Sat): Winter is coming! No it's not GoT on TV, it's another FREE show at The Highlander. Tonight we're featuring music from three bands: The Voltage Cult, Fatcastor and MuckRaker. Doors open in the back room at 7:30pm and shows start around 9:30pm. Grab some friends, bring a date and have some fun with us!
October 2013
  • 10/19 (Sat): Halloween is right around the corner - come on out and release your inner beast with another FREE show at The Highlander! We've got great sets tonight from Harvester, Degradations, and Odessa. Shows start at 9:30 pm - see you there!
  • 10/12 (Sat): Fall is in the air, and the nights are getting cooler. Tonight we have red hot shows from Station ID, Air Wolves, and Cadillac Junkies (a Social Distortion tribute band). Shows start at approximately 9pm so get here, grab a seat and support yur local music scene!
  • 10/09 (Wed): Robert Rodriguez's new film Machete Kills will be having a special advance screening tonight at the theater just next door to The Highlander. We're working with the filmmaker's team to offer several specials to celebrate! Plan on coming to The Highlander before the screening at 9pm and enjoy our special food and drink items just for the show! Also, be sure to stick around for a chance to win a Machete Kills tshirt and movie passes for the film!
September 2013
  • 9/28 (Sat): Still recovering from Music Midtown? Is your wallet screaming from the $128 ticket price? We have a solution - FREE MUSIC at The Highlander! Tonight we've got MuckRaker (10:30pm), Red Rocket Deluxe (11:30pm) and The Death of Fear & Igor (12:30am). Remember that you must be 21+ to enjoy free songs. However, if you're not 21 you can always ask someone who went to the show how cool it was - but it won't be the same.
  • 9/14 (Sat): Fall is here and that means football! What does that have to do with The Highlander? Well, nothing. However, we have another FREE metal show this evening from those of you who are in the mood for a little music to thrash your ears. Tonight we've got Sybaritic, Acruce Mortem and The Bone Church for your enjoyment. 21 and up kiddies, and don't forget to tell Darby that you yell Roll Tide whenever you flush.
August 2013
  • 8/22 (Thu): It's almost the weekend so time for some great rock at The Highlander! This evening we have great tunes from Twin City Oil Victory, Assault & Battery, Antagonizers and DDC - shows start around 9pm. Come straight from the office and enjoy the beautiful Midtown weather on our porch, then stay for the show - your boss won't care if you're a little late (or a noshow) tomorrow morning! Cover charge is only $7, you can't beat that price for this amount of music anywhere.
  • 8/10 (Sat): The planets are aligned for some great shows at The Highlander tonight, we've got great tunes on tap from 3 great bands: Ledfoot Messiah, AM Gold and Lightnin' Ray and The Mystics. It's Saturday so the show is FREE, FREE, FREE!!! (small extra charge for alcohol). Come see us and enjoy your weekend!
July 2013
  • 7/27 (Sat): Swing by and get your rock on tonight with a plethora of free shows (well 3 anyway)! On tap this evening we have Time Before The War, The Dirty Souls and also Ian Campbell & The Recruits. As always we'll have the stages set up in the back bar and show time starts around 10pm.
  • 7/13 (Sat): This Saturday there's free music in our back room for everyone 21 and up! We've got tunes from 82mm, Pariah Sets Fire and Hostile Faction - shows start around 10pm. Drop by and join us for a night of partying!
June 2013
  • 6/29 (Sat): Independence Day is around the corner - start the celebration early with free shows from Seagulls and Spray Tan! They'll be rocking the back bar for FREE starting at 9pm - eat some wings and party with us all night!
  • 6/15 (Sat): Summer is almost officially here - come celebrate the last few days of Spring with some hard rocking at The Highlander. Tonight's free soiree features the music of Horrible Idea, Hyper Space and Bebop Cola. As usual the festivities start at about 9pm so get here early!
  • 6/01 (Sat): May has come and gone - come start June out with FREE shows from three bands tonight at The Highlander! Shows start at 9pm and feature great rock from Above Repute, Forsaken Profits and The Nervous Jerks. Come enjoy some delicious chow at the back bar before the show and get ready to party hard!
May 2013
  • 5/18 (Sat): Summer's on the way and we're cranking up the heat and the noise with more free rock 'n roll! Tonight we have face-scorching tunes from Lada (10:30pm), Role Of The Observed (11:30pm) and Wake Of The Titan (12:30am). Get here, get a good table and get loud until the police shut us down!
  • 5/04 (Sat): Three free bands are rocking the house this evening! Get your leather on and come down to Midtown and enjoy the music of Eternal Mortality (10:30pm), Enders Game (11:30pm) and Waste Made Flesh (12:30am). Don't forget to enjoy dinner while you're here - we serve food until 2:15am!
April 2013
  • 4/20 (Sat): Atlanta punk is back at The Highlander! Three FREE shows this evening from DDC, Squadron and Five O'Clock Devil. Belly up at the back bar or grab a table and rock the night away with Atlanta's best free entertainment!
  • 4/06 (Sat): THE HIGHLANDER IS 21!!! Who'd have thought back in the 20th century that we'd still be around after 21 years? To celebrate, we're having a huge celebration starting at 3pm with a BBQ featuring Ice's delicious food. Once you have your belly full, stick around because at 9pm we have a bunch of FREE shows to rock the night away. We'll have music from Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles, Bigfoot and Red Rocket Deluxe. This is a party you don't want to miss so mark your calendars and plan ahead for a new liver. See you there!
March 2013
  • 3/23 (Sat): March is almost over, but it's headed out with a bang! Tonight we have a free show featuring the music of MuckRaker (10:30pm), Severed Faith (11:30pm) and Dead Rites (12:30am). Get here early to reserve a good seat and enjoy one of our delicious entrees!
  • 3/22 (Fri): We're celebrating tonight at The Highlander - it's Puck's "28 Years Too Late To Realize Your Mistake" birthday bash! Three free shows with the music of Expect Resistance, Above Repute and Immoral Discipline. Shows start at 9pm so get here and reserve a seat early!
February 2013
  • 2/28 (Thu): The Highlander is proud to welcome Massachussetts Celtic Punk band Swaggerin' Growlers to Atlanta! Come out and see this up and coming band in our back room. With opening acts including Karbomb, Expect Resistance and Threes Away, this show promises to be the best one yet at Atlanta's hardest partying bar. Get here early to claim a good spot and remember that a full menu is available all night from our award-winning menu! With a cover charge of only $7 it's a bargain that can't be beat!
  • 2/23 (Sat): Saturdays are full of great rock music at The Highlander! Tonight it's yet another FREE show featuring music by Blood Oaks (10:30pm), Koskee (11:30pm) and Undead Viking Mafia (12:30am). Come out and support your local music scene (21+ only please)!
  • 2/21 (Thu): Starting tonight we have a brand new art installation! It's called Ultraviolence, and it features works of art inspired by the career and accomplishments of Stanley Kubrick. Come take a look and enjoy a meal and a cold beverage while you're here!
January 2013
  • 1/19 (Sat): We're kicking off 2013 in style with free music from three bands tonight! Head to the back bar and enjoy three sets by Foilstitch (10:30pm), Lectures On The Apocalypse (11:30pm) and Skull Of Monthu (12:30am). We'll be rocking till the wee hours so leave the posers at home and come hang with the big boys!
December 2012
  • 12/31 (Mon): New Year's Eve means a party extraordinaire at The Highlander! Our end of the year blowout will feature music from Muckraker, Red Rocket Deluxe and Blasted - as always, the show is FREE to anyone whose liver is at least 21. In the spirit of the holiday we'll also have a free champagne toast at midnight and we'll also throw in Marco's birthday for no extra charge! Get yourself a designated driver and get on down here for the festivities! (FYI, no D.R.U.N.K. bingo tonight - just drinkin'!)
  • 12/15 (Sat): It's a pre-Xmas punk meltdown at The Highlander. Come on down and chill out to the mellow punk musings of Fang, The Loaded Nuns, Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters and The Antagonizers! Blow off some of that frustration from Christmas shopping and enjoy a cool beverage at one of our two fully loaded bars - yes, we have Jager!
November 2012
  • 11/22 (Thu): It's Thanksgiving! Are you petrified of spending the day with your Aunt Gertrude who smells like mothballs or Grandpa Frank who likes to show off his new colostomy bag? Ditch them both and hang out at The Highlander! We'll be open our normal hours and have cold drinks available ALL DAY. In addition to our normal fare we'll also have a Thanksgiving feast available for your enjoyment: your choice of Cajun Fried Turkey or Spiral-cut Ham, mash taters w/turkey gravy, greenbean casserole, collard greens, cranberry relish AND a dinner roll for only $14.95 (while supplies last, of course). Tell your family you have leprosy and drive on down!
  • 11/17 (Sat): Tonight at The Highlander - it's the 2012 Punk Apocalypse! Your toes will curl and your brain will melt during this awesome punk extravaganza. We'll be featuring music from Burns Like Fire, Flat Tires, Brains For Brunch, Antagonizers ATL and The Nervous Jerks. Show starts at 8pm so get here early and claim a good spot...
  • 11/16 (Fri): CD RELEASE PARTY! Show up tonight and get the latest release from one of The Highlander's favorites - Ledfoot Messiah! Party hard and jam out with some great songs along with music from some special guests. Don't miss out - get here early (we open at 11am)...
  • 11/10 (Sat): Sick of watching football and listening to your friends whine about the BCS system? We have a perfect solution - free music at The Highlander! Tonight we have a triple threat with music from Blasted Goat, Wake The Kraken & We, The Kingdom. Take a break and enjoy a cold drink with some hot tunes! Get here early before the Jager machine runs out! (Just kidding - it never runs out...)
  • 11/3 (Sat): Tonight we have free music from two of Atlanta's finest bands - Rigorism and 82mm. Come out and help us kick off November in style with some jamming in our back room. Have a sammich as well!
October 2012
  • 10/27 (Sat): It's our annual Halloween Spectacular at The Highlander! Tonight we have so much going on that it takes two rooms to hold it all! Lots of freebies, bar swag and a costume contest (of course) - win Highlander gift cards for the best outfit and secure your bragging rights for the coming year. As usual we will also be featuring FREE music (Expect Resistance, Armazilla and The Red Phantoms) so get here early, have a great meal & enjoy the show!
  • 10/13 (Sat): The nights are getting a little cooler and the mornings a bit chillier - time to keep warm by rocking out at The Highlander! Tonight's show features sets by Stonefist, Role of the Observed & Blasted. Come and hang out in our back room with the cool kids and leave your qualms at the door!
September 2012
  • 9/29 (Sat): Fall is almost here and football is in the air - but we keep right on rocking at the Highlander! Tonight we have FREE music from Methods of Espionage, Mice In Cars and Canopy. Get here early so you can grab a bite to eat and listen to some great tunes on us!
July 2012
  • 7/28 (Sat): The dog days of summer have returned - beat the heat at The Highlander with a free show and some cold drinks along with our award-winning food! Tonight we have shows from Kannikies (10:30 pm), Damage Report (11:30 pm) and The Dynos (12:30 am). Don't forget to get here early and claim some prime real estate at our back bar!
  • 7/14 (Sat): It's Bastille Day (ask your French buddies) and time for a party! We'll be rocking out with our friends from Hip To Death, Turn Down Service and Halmos until the wee hours. Come out and join us and don't forget to bring your friends and neighbors along.
June 2012
  • 6/30 (Sat): Get started early on your July 4th festivities with a night of free music at The Highlander! We've got shows tonight from Double Barrel Democracy (10:30 pm), Lectures on the Apocalypse (11:30 pm) and Ender's Game (12:30 am). Don't forget to get down to Midtown early for plenty of free parking and fantastic food!
  • 6/9 (Sat): School's out and it's time to ramp up the summmer fun! We have a free show tonight featuring Holy Inferno (10:30 pm), Brains For Brunch (11:30 pm) and Vainglory (12:30 am) - come out and join us for the show or just hang out on the porch and enjoy some great food!
February 2012
  • 2/23 (Thursday): Live music tonight with Forced Reality, Magoo's Heros and Antagonizers ATL
  • 2/23 (Thursday): Drink N Draw Social Club - if you're an artist (or play one on TV) and you like to get your creative juices flowing with a cold adult beverage come on out and meet others of your ilk and get your art on!
  • 2/17 & 2/18 (Fri/Sat): There's too much rock for one night to contain this weekend so we're going to party all weekend long! On FRIDAY we have music from Dusty Booze & the Babyhaters, Beitthemeans, and Iron Whip. SATURDAY's show features music from Mack Messiah, Swank Sinatra and Hip To Death. Start those liver exercises early and make sure that you have a designated driver - this weekend means serious business!
  • 2/9 (Thursday): Drink N Draw Social Club - if you're an artist (or play one on TV) and you like to get your creative juices flowing with a cold adult beverage come on out and meet others of your ilk and get your art on!
January 2012
  • 1/28 (Saturday): Yet another FREE rock show at The Highlander! Tonight we're kicking it with music from Tapestry, JackHammer and The Issues. As usual, the music starts around 10:30 pm and ends whenever we damn well feel like it (or 2:00 am, whichever comes earlier). Join us as we watch the first month of the new year fade into oblivion!
  • 1/21 (Saturday): Special show this evening at The Highlander! We're proud to have music from Uncle Touchy, Burns Like Fire and Antiseen - come on down to Midtown and help us party until the wee hours!
  • 1/19 (Thursday): Apocalyptic Art Show at the High! Come on by and check out our new portfolio of apocalyptic art at the Highlander! A new round of artwork featuring Atlanta's finest artists and visionaries - also remember that everything that you see is for sale so come early and reserve your own masterpiece!
December 2011
  • 12/31 (Saturday): New Year's Eve means mayhem at The Highlander! We'll be ringing in 2012 by featuring music from Amul9 and Odessa, with a free champagne toast at midnight. Get your butt down here and plan to stay all night with The Highlander crew! Tuxes optional - pants are required.
  • 12/16 (Friday): Friday night is punk rock night at The Highlander - we're putting on an old school punkfest featuring the Flat Tires, Burns Like Fire, Expect Resistance, plus Junior, Dolan and Cash. Get down here and join us for a slammin' good time - and leave your mommmy at home.
  • 12/1 (Thursday): It's getting close to the Holidays and the Highlander wants to help you celebrate in style with our latest art show. This month we're featuring a toy-themed collection. That's right, art of and about toys will be adorning our walls starting tonight at 9pm. Stop by and have a look, and have dinner while you're here!
November 2011
  • 11/26 (Saturday): After Thanksgiving Show! Burn off some of that excess turkey by rocking out with us this weekend at The Highlander. Tonight's show features music from Rigorism, Edgewood and Dark Overlord. Shows start at about 10:30 pm EST so get here early and save a spot near the stage. Also, be sure to check out some of our new menu items - you can chow down and party at the same time!
October 2011
  • 10/29 (Saturday): The Halloween Season rocks on non-stop tonight with three bands banging heads in the back bar! Starting around 10:30pm will be Palaces, followed by Red Rocket Deluxe. Iron Whip will close things out if you have the stamina to stay up late. We'll also be hosting our annual Halloween costume contest with lots of fun and prizes - including a $100 gift card good at any Highlander location on Monroe Drive! Get there early and leave the rug rats at home - no juveniles allowed! Well, nobody under 21 actually...
  • 10/13 (Thursday): It's our favorite time of the year - Halloween season! Starting tonight at 9pm you can view the efforts of local (and near-local) artists in our Spooky Art Show. Make sure to be there early because most of it's for sale and if you miss your chance - too bad!
September 2011
  • 9/10 (Saturday): School has started back and summer's over so it's time for some serious end of the season partying - at The Highlander! Before football season gets into full swing come out and see three free bands. Tonight we'll have shows from Ghostwork, Eastside Mavericks and JackHammer. The festivities start at about 10 pm and run until after midnight, so get here early and grab a table close to the stage. See you there!
August 2011
  • 8/25 (Thursday): Get your nerd on tonight at The Highlander! We're featuring a science fiction-themed art show starting this evening and lasting until the Force succumbs to the dark influence of the Jager machine. Come on out and view the artwork and enjoy a frosty adult beverage while you're here. As always, everything is available for sale so ask a manager about purchases!
  • 8/6 (Saturday): Summer's half over but it's not too late to beat the heat at The Highlander! We'll be serving cold beverages all night and jamming to three cool bands: Thirteen Autumn Rituals, Forge By Fire and Eddie Van Maiden. Shows start at around 10:30 pm and run until well after midnight so get here early and reserve yourself a good spot!
July 2011
  • 7/2 (Saturday): Independence Day is right around the corner - it's time to gear up for a long party weekend! Tonight at The Highlander we're hosting The Painted Black Art show featuring the musical stylings of Enders Game, Rigorism and Rat Salad. Shows start at 10:30 pm EST, so get here early, get your belly full of food and get ready to party all night long (until 2:30 am)!
June 2011
  • 6/11 (Saturday): Summer's almost here so cool off at The Highlander with some free live music! We're starting off at 10:30 pm with Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters, followed by The Dirty Knockouts at 11:30 pm and The Accidents at 12:30 am. Come have some dinner with us before the show and support your local musicians!
May 2011
  • 5/14 (Saturday): May means beautiful weather here in Atlanta - not too hot and not too cold. What better way to celebrate than a free show at the Highlander! Tonight we're featuring a free show with the music of Lectures On The Apocalypse (10:30pm), Iron Whip (11:30pm) and Tone Deaf Pig Dogs (12:30am). Come down and show your support for local bands! If you're not 21, feel free to stand in the parking lot next to your car like the rest of the high school population 'cause you're not coming in.
April 2011
  • 4/28 (Thursday): Bring your tax refund down to the Highlander and check out our newest round of art available for viewing and purchase. The theme of this show is Villains - kind of self-explanatory, don't you think? While you're here be sure and nosh on some of our award-winning food and wash it down with a refreshing adult beverage...
  • 4/09 (Saturday): It's April and you know what that means: time to pay taxes and to celebrate another anniversary for the best bar ITP - THE HIGHLANDER!!! That's right - we've been open for 19 years and counting. Come help us celebrate the last of our teen years with free shows from Grease Paint and Super X-13. Remember, your liver must be 21 or over to attend any type of function so NO MINORS. Juvenile delinquents over the age of 21 are still welcome, naturally.
March 2011
  • 3/24 (Thursday): The weekend's almost here and we're unveiling a new set of artwork to show and sell at The Highlander. The new show is titled The Pit Of The Peach and it features selections that glorify the durrrty secrets of Atlanta's seedy core. Curious? Come and check it out over a cold drink and remember that all artwork is also available for purchase!
  • 3/12 (Saturday): March Madness looms and Spring is in the air! Come out and see a free show at the Highlander to get geared up for the new season. Shows start at about 10pm and feature rocking fun from the likes of Edge of Mercy, The Fingers and Dimestore Saints. Get ready to fill out your bracket tomorrow with a full night of partying today!
February 2011
  • 2/13 (Sunday): Valentine's Day is the commercial holiday for lovers and suckahs, but singles fret not!! Calling out sexy singles in the ATL to the Stupid Cupid Bar Crawl! Whether you're drowning the blues of being single or toasting the fact that you are, whatever your motivation, just come ready to drink! The crawl starts around 5pm at Apres Diem, moves to the Highlander at 7pm and then proceeds to P'Cheen at 9pm (21 and up of course). See the flyer on our front page for more details.
  • 2/12 (Saturday): Valentine's Day is imminent! With only two days left before you have to take your significant other out for an overpriced meal with all the rest of the unwashed heathen, come out and see a FREE show at the Highlander! We'll be rocking away with music from Gladius and Forge By Fire. Shows start at approximately 11 pm and run until whenever. Get here early and grab some of our award-winning chili and a cold beverage!
January 2011
  • 1/22 (Saturday): The holidays are history, but the party train rolls on at The Highlander. Tonight we're concentrating our efforts on two bands instead of three. Come out and jam with Red Rocket Deluxe and Rigorism. As usual, shows start around 10:30 and run until we're done rockin'...
  • 1/20 (Thursday): RESCHEDULED FROM 1/13! Tonight at The Highlander we're unveiling a brand new show featuring art inspired by the great pin-up artists of the past. Come down and support your local artists and remember that everything you see can be purchased! (See manager for details)
December 2010
  • 12/11 (Saturday): Only two weeks left until Christmas. Before you brave the crowds at the mall, why not come out and celebrate the holidays early with yet another FREE show featuring music from The Bone Church, Prime Mover and Throatpunch! Shows start at approximately 10:30 pm and run until we're through knocking heads. We promise not to tell Santa you were here, but don't blame us if you get a lump of coal anyway...
November 2010
  • 11/20 (Saturday): It's almost Thankgiving, which means that in a few short days you'll be trapped in the same house with your entire family, too many obnoxious relatives and not enough booze. Prepare yourself for the inevitable by coming out and partying hard along with Gladius (10:30 pm), Gnostic (11:30 pm) and The L5P Rockstar Orchestra (12:30 am). As usual, the shows are FREE but you have to be 21 to get in - no whining!
October 2010
  • 10/30 (Saturday): It's our annual Halloween party dammit! You could win a $100 Highlander gift card in our costume contest. Why waste your time trick or treating with the rug rats when you could be here swilling cheap liquor and listening to loud rock music! Free show tonight featuring Force Of Habit (10:30 pm), Forge By Fire (11:30 pm) and the soothing mellow tunes of Throatpunch (12:30 am)...
September 2010
  • 9/18 (Saturday): Summer is ending and it's time to celebrate the coming of Autumn with another great night of FREE music at the Highlander. Come out and see some great music from East Side Mavericks (10:30 pm), Velveeta Brothers (11:30 pm) and The Bums (12:30 am). And remember, there's never a cover charge but you do have to be 21 years old to enter the Highlander.
August 2010
  • 8/07 (Saturday): It's damn hot outside! Come cool off with a cold drink and listen to FREE music with Sweet Jezuz (10:30 pm), Edgewood (11:30 pm) and The Fingers (12:30 am).
July 2010
  • 7/17 (Saturday): Come out and beat the heat with another FREE show at the Highlander! Tonight we'll be featuring tunes from Ill (10:30 pm), Damage Report (11:30 pm) and the Dimestore Saints (12:30 am). As always, everyone is welcome as long as you're at least 21 years old!
June 2010
  • 6/12 (Saturday): Free show this weekend! Come down and enjoy delicious food and awesome drinks all night along with music from Stone Mountain Freeway, Pickmans Model and Noble Rust. Shows start at approximately 10:30 pm.
May 2010
  • 5/15 (Saturday): Free R-N-R show tonight! Music from Light Pupil Dilate, O.C.D. and Liers In Wait. Come out and help us support local music!
April 2010
  • 4/10 (Saturday): The Highlander is old enough to vote! Come help us celebrate 18 fantastic years as part of Midtown's eclectic nightlife scene. We'll be partying all day and well into the wee hours with music from The El Caminos, Ill and Ledfoot Messiah. Don't blame us if you can't make it to work Monday...
  • 4/03 (Saturday): There's a CD release party tonight at the Highlander! Come out and listen to new music by Thirteen Autumn Rituals. We're also featuring music by opening acts Forge By Fire and Edgewood. The party starts at 10:30 pm so don't miss out!
March 2010
  • 3/13 (Saturday): Why wait until the 17th? We're celebrating St. Patrick's day early here at the Highlander! Tonight we have another great free show featuring music from Velveeta Brothers (10:30 pm), The Sid Vicious Experience (11:30 pm) and Quench (12:30 am). Come out and party until you're green in the face!
February 2010
  • 2/20 (Saturday): It's been a whole week since our last show so we're doing it again - we're featuring music tonight from The Luchagors and The Quasimotors. This time we're cranking it up at 11 pm.
  • 2/13 (Saturday): Free show this Saturday! Come out and enjoy music from PPR, Ill and Empire 44. Shows start around 10:30 pm.
January 2010
  • 1/16 (Saturday): Come in out of the cold and enjoy another free night of great music at The Highlander - tonight we're hosting music from Cry Me A Liver, Armazilla & South City Riot.
December 2009
  • 12/31 (Thursday): We're having a New Year's Eve Blowout Rock 'n Roll Party! Count down to the new year with a champagne toast at midnight and enjoy free music from Doomsayer and Bon Voyage.
  • 12/12 (Saturday): It's time for the Highlander's Rock 'n Roll Holiday Show! We're featuring music from Bugbrain, Accelerant & Super Hooligan. As always, shows start at about 10:30 pm - come out and rock the holidays!
November 2009
  • 11/21 (Saturday): It's time for another free show at The Highlander with killer local bands! This time we're featuring the music of O.C.O., Dreaming Of High Fives and The Bone Church. Shows start at about 10:30 pm.
October 2009
  • 10/31 (Saturday): Got no Halloween plans? Come out to the Highlander! The party starts at dusk with a costume contest, free bar swag and a free show featuring the music of Rat Salad (10:30 pm), Dark Overlord (11:30 pm) and Bon Voyage (12:30 am)!
  • 10/17 (Saturday): Benefit show for Greggory Savelio - help us with the memorial fund for our friend who passed August 22. Donations will be used for funeral expenses & solving this terrible crime. Featuring music from The Pillage (10:30 pm), Forge By Fire (11:30 pm) and Doomsayer (12:30 am).
  • 10/3 (Saturday): Come out and throw down at the Atlanta Horror Fest's Beyond the Grave Art Show and Buried Alive Film Fest after party. Featuring FREE music from Velveeta Brothers (10:30 pm), Edgewood (11:30 pm) and Ledfoot Messiah (12:30 am).
September 2009
  • 9/19 (Saturday): The Highlander is bringing you the heat with some of Atlanta's best talent! Come out tonite for a free show featuring Scarab (~10:30 pm), Soil To Sky (~11:30 pm) and Cry Me A Liver (~12:30 am)!
August 2009
  • 8/22 (Saturday): Tonight we are featuring a special event! The Metro Atlanta Association of Tattooed People (MAATP) will be having a show featuring skateboard deck art and other wicked designs. There will also be live entertainment from Red River Revival and Scandinavian Cock as well as Sailor Jerry Rum raffles!
July 2009
  • 7/18 (Saturday): It's too damn hot to be outside! Come out tonight for free music from The Result of Lust (~10:30 pm), Abbra Cadaver (~11:30 pm) and Let the Night Roar (~12:30 am). All shows FREE OF CHARGE (21 years old and up, please).
June 2009
  • 6/20 (Saturday): Local music at its finest! Tonight we have music from Dreaming of High Fives (~10:30 pm), Ledfoot Messiah (~11:30 pm) and Quench (~12:30 am). All shows FREE OF CHARGE (21 years old and up, please).
May 2009
  • 5/23 (Saturday): We're having a birthday bash for David Wood and Kennie Poole! Come out and celebrate and enjoy FREE music from Cornbread Mafia (~10:30 pm), EnD ReZulT (~11:30 pm) and The Green Hit (~12:30 am).
April 2009
  • 4/25 (Saturday): Come out this evening and enjoy some free entertainment at the Highlander. Shows start at 10:30 pm featuring Noble Rust, Sons of Tonatiuh and Let the Night Roar. Sponsored by
  • 4/11 (Saturday): It's that time of year again - Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and The Highlander celebrates another year of unbridled debauchery. This year marks our 17th Anniversary! Come celebrate the madness with yet another free show at 10:30 pm featuring Armazilla and Edgewood.
March 2009
  • 3/14 (Saturday): Start St. Patty's early with intensity from Velveeta Brothers, Obsessive.Compulsive.Order and Standing Behind You With Knives. FREE SHOW starts at 10:30 pm!
February 2009
  • 2/14 (Saturday): Bring your honey to The Highlander and celebrate Valentines Day in style! Three bands will perform for free starting at 10:30 pm - Black Daniels, Reverend God and the Jesus Squad PLUS the Panty Snatchers.
January 2009
  • 1/17 (Saturday): MAATP 1st Annual Meeting and Art Show - Come out and see a free showing of Erotic Art starting at 8:30 PM (sorry kids - you must be 21!) Show to be followed by three free bands commencing around 10:30 pm - Phalanx, Doomsayer and Big Foot!
December 2008
  • 12/16 (Tuesday): If AC/DC ticket prices have "walked all over you" then come see the next best thing! Atlanta's own tribute band - BON VOYAGE ("When Bon Scott was King"). Show starts at 10:30 pm - no cover charge!
November 2008
  • 11/15 (Saturday): It's a wicked night at your favorite midtown rock bar and award winning grill - as usual there's no cover charge to see some of your favorite bands starting at 10:30 PM including The Green Hit, Ledfoot Messiah and End Rezult. Sponsored by
October 2008
  • 10/31: Come join us and celebrate Halloween at The Highlander! Dress up in your best costume and come see free bands starting at 10:30 PM including El Caminos, Sex In Cars and Armazilla. Sponsored by